Monday, April 30, 2012

Porch Gardens and Yoga Class

Overall, I had a very successful weekend. Saturday started early as I rose with the sun to go to work. Now normally, working on a Saturday would make me a little glum. But my job (which involves a lot of being on my feet, chasing dogs around, and making decision after decision--did you know, thinking over and making a choice actually uses up to 20% of your blood sugar?) has an incredible capacity for sucking the glucose right out of my blood. And right now, I am on a mission to get my sugars back on track.

Sunday, I enjoyed a peaceful morning on the porch with a cup of tea. After an extravagant breakfast of mushroom, spinach, kale, and green onion eggs, with toast and strawberries, I forced myself to the gym for vinyasa (yoga on speed--especially if the instructor has had a bad week and wants to take it out on the innocent). About ten minutes into class I had a sudden and unfortunate realization: I only had one piece of toast this morning. Now to any normal person, this would be a good thing--way to not overeat, cut those calories out where you can! But for a carb counting diabetic, this spells disaster. I had taken enough insulin for two pieces of toast and five strawberries. In the middle of chaturanga dandasana I felt a pulse of cool blood rush through my system. The realization flooded through my body and into my subconscious before being perceived by my conscience mind. I stared at my hand. When my sugars crash my fingers flush and swell just slightly. (I can't even glance at my hand without my boyfriend asking if everything is okay.) Angrily, I jumped up from downward dog, bypassed the maze of yoga mats and went out to my car to fish some glucose tabs out of my purse.

I stubbornly finished the hour long class with teetering glucose levels (much to the chagrin of my healthcare team), and rushed home to find a more substantial snack (a piece of toast, because I was so angry about having shorted myself the pleasure of it at breakfast). I finished the day by planting my porch garden and praying to the gods of the deceptive Colorado spring to be kind to my vegetables and not strike them down with a late season frost.

Though the weekend held less time for relaxing than I would have liked, all the hard work has brought my long acting insulin needs down to 5u. With a long week of hard work ahead of me, I'm hoping those numbers will only continue to fall.

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