Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Activity is the Best Thing

Down to 2u of long acting insulin! Things are definitely looking good. Thanks to a very fun integrated iPod adaptor my boyfriend got me, I have been pushing my morning runs farther and farther each day. I have my eyes set on three and a half miles for Friday. That is, if I can walk after my 15 mile mountain bike trek tomorrow. My parents are coming up for a belated birthday celebration and we have big plans: brunch at Snooze, bike ride, and homemade Moroccan shish kabobs for dinner. With any luck, I will be able to ditch the Lantus entirely for a few days and embrace a life that involves three needle pricks a day instead of four.

To all the T1Ds out there who were told they had to limit their activities because of this disease, it is just not true. I was lucky enough to be ignorant to that myth and to have an outpatient nurse with an eight year old diabetic son. She knew, just as I do, that diabetes does not have to keep you pinned down. Eat before you exercise, check your sugars frequently, and always pack glucose tabs and extra snacks. You can take on the world.

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