Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Live and Learn

This weekend provided an all too brief respite from the stresses of real life, and unfortunately, way too much stress on my pancreas. But sometimes the overindulgences are worth it. Sometimes you just have to let yourself live a little (at least that’s what my fun-loving, care-free self tries to tell my type-A, perfectionist self--usually to no avail). We (including both dogs--which was fun, but definitely took away from the serenity of the trip) drove the car up to Chico Hot Springs in Montana (a short drive from Yellowstone's north entrance). Along with its natural beauty and tranquil environment, Chico also boasts an amazing restaurant. I arrived fully prepared to battle against the seductive tendencies of this world famous kitchen, but lost all will to fight as soon as I heard someone say “breakfast buffet.” I was lured in by the steaming eggs, homemade granola, and an array of salted meats (a treat I rarely indulge in). That night, my fate was sealed when a heaping bowl of wild mushroom risotto materialized on the dinner table before me. Thanks partly to the intoxicating aromas of the dish and partly to the intoxicating alcohol of the two vodka and sodas I had downed at the bar before dinner, I was unable to conjure any self control until it was too late. The hefty serving of food was all but polished off by the time I forced myself to release the grip on my fork.

Early morning walks with the dogs and some swimming in the hot springs helped curve the skyrocketing blood sugars, as did the Nopal supplements (though it seems obvious to me now that I should have packed more than my usual dose as I was eating quite a bit more than my usual amount of food), but in the end, my insulin needs still doubled. It happens every time I travel and really shouldn’t surprise me, but I am still feeling a bit disappointed. It occurred to me yesterday as we made the long drive home, that I could double my Lantus the first day of my trips and save myself a lot of trouble (and possibly save my pancreas a little time). It is a little embarrassing to admit this thought has never crossed my mind before. But what can you do? You live, you indulge, you learn (eventually).

The beautiful Chico Hot Springs Lodge nestled in the hills of Paradise Valley, Montana.

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