Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experiments in True Vitality

A brilliant natro-path friend of mine got me a sample pack of True Vitality plant protein mix by Green Foods. I have been using it along with my breakfast this week (sometimes as a shake mixed with unsweetened coconut milk and strawberries, and sometimes I just add it to my cereal). Eating high protein meals, especially in the morning is supposed to help maintain glucose levels throughout the day (or so the research rumors go). A while back I started using protein shakes before my workouts (with about 15-20g of carb in them) instead of just straight juice or sugary granola bars. The blood sugar crashes I experience after workouts have definitely diminished and I feel much more energized throughout the exercises.

As for using True Vitality in the morning, well I can definitely say that it hasn’t hurt anything. The protein mix is also packed with omega 3’s, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, a full spectrum of multivitamins and DHA (it can easily be used as a full meal replacement). It even has spirulina (one of my favorite super foods that I rarely eat because it tastes like pond scum). I think it may be an exceptionally good choice for people who aren’t as fond of (or obsessed with) eating breakfast as I am. I do have one disclaimer though (because, after all, no one is paying me to sell this product, I only intend to get the information out there): don’t expect this protein shake to taste like the grocery store brand, artificial-sweetener packed powders. It’s all natural and actually good for you (in other words, it tastes a little like earth). But if you mix in some fresh fruit, it is easily drinkable.


Nopal Supplement Experiment Update:

Day 2 Blood Sugars Continued (4/10):

  • 11:00am- 111
  • 6:00 pm- 102
  • 9:00 pm- N/A (Oops! Don’t tell my endocrinologist!)

Day 3 Blood Sugars (4/11):
  • 5:00am- 88
  • 11:30am- 66 (either working too hard or its time to tweak the breakfast dose- time will tell)
  • 6:00pm- 111

Insulin Requirements:
  • Unchanged

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