Monday, July 23, 2012

A Week of Goals

My goals for the week:
  • Come to terms with my new meter (yes, I finally gave in to my insurance--I am now officially a One Touch user)
  • Start training for the Long's Peak climb on 8/4 (this will be the fourth time I have climbed the 14,225 ft beast, but that doesn't make it any easier)
  • Find a good multi-grain bread recipe and figure out how to actually get the damn thing to rise for once
  • Complete the second harvest of my porch garden and make some kick-ass home-grown salsa
  • Get the maintenance guy out here to tell me why my air conditioner is leaking green liquid
  • Decide what sacrifices I need to make in my daily life so that I may actually start working on my third novel (the one I have written ten times over in my head, but have yet to put on paper)

They have grown a bit since that first picture.

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