Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking a Holiday

4th of July on a Wednesday spells a long, busy week at the boarding kennel. But, seeing as I have spent the last month or so pouring every ounce of myself into that place, I have decided to forgo the madness this year. Instead, Colter, myself, and the dogs will be road tripping up to Montana tomorrow for a looooong weekend get-away.

For my brain, this means a nice relaxing time spent in a beautiful country with my book, my writing, and my pups. We'll be celebrating the Fourth and Colter's mom's birthday with some fun, some laughter, and probably some wine. To put it simply: It will be amazing.

But for my pancreas, it means seven hours on the road trying desperately to avoid all manner of gas station snackery (I pack a plethora of veggies, nuts, and tea so I can engage in the constant grazing my mind so desires on long, boring car rides without so many of the harmful sugar spikes that are already guaranteed by the simple fact that I will be sitting down for more than an hour straight). And of course, after we get there I will have to try and talk myself out of this idea that vacation = gluttony (which = poor dietary choices, which = poor sugar control, which = sky rocketing insulin needs).

But in the end, I still see it all as a small price to pay for a little R&R and mental sanity (because my diabetes control would be much much worse if I went insane, right?)

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