Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Benefits of Boring

For the past couple weeks I have been trying desperately to save money for my September vacation to Costa Rica. And for the past two weeks, my blood sugars have been exceptional.


Could it be that living simply and within my means can actually have a positive impact on my diabetes?

I am not going out as much, which means I am not eating strange and decadent meals of unknown carb counts at restaurants. I am not buying beer by the pint or being tempted with dessert. I am grocery shopping with a decidedly reserved and simple plan of action and making meals that fall into the "old stand-by" category. And I am spending less time consuming, which means I have more time for things like exercising, biking, and walking the dogs.

So, could it be that a boring, simple life is exactly what it takes to master this disease???

No. Absolutely not.

(Because, what would be the fun in that?)

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