Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meter Wars

What a week! For me, Diabetes Blog Week was a great success. I was able to connect with a lot of new people in the D community and I found some great new blogs to add to my daily Reader. And I loved the challenge of having to write every day. I need that kind of motivation.

On the diabetes side of things, last week was a little hectic. I have been trying to find a solution to my massive pharmaceutical bills. Since Aetna dropped their individual coverage in Colorado, I have been forced to switch my health insurance provider to Cover Colorado (there are not a lot of options for people with preexisting conditions--PPECs--such as myself). I'm certainly grateful to have the coverage, but they aren't exactly saving me much money.

Last week I attempted to get my meter and test strips changed to a generic brand (right now the test strips are costing me a hundred bucks a month even after the insurance kicks in their 60%). But, my doctor refused to fill the script for me, saying that generic meters are highly unreliable (ok so she didn't refuse, but she did make a compelling argument). She recommended I apply to CCS Medical and see if their mail-in pharmacy could save me any money. The bad news is, they don't carry my meter type. The good is, my doctor gave me a free kit that included a One Step meter and 50 free test strips (bonus!).

Unfortunately after a few days of dealing with the CCS people (they were incredibly helpful, I will give them that), it became very obvious to them that my insurance company would not save either one of us any money. They told me my best option was to go through the Rx company that works directly with my insurance (hey, why didn't I think of that!). Unfortunately, over the course of the week I spent dealing with all this, I ran low on both my insulins and my test strips and had to reorder from my normal pharmacy. So I am back to using my old meter (which is a huge relief! That meter has been with me since practically the beginning. I felt like I was cheating on it with the new one...) and I am forced into waiting another month before I can finally get this prescription thing solved.

Oh the joys of diabetes. You learn new lessons everyday!

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