Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Long Trek

  • 12:30 am
    • Breakfast- egg and cheese bagel and chia kambucha drink--75g carb
    • 2u of insulin (normally I would take 1u per every 30g of carb, but I wanted to set myself up to be a little high to start the trek)
  • 2:25 am
    • We hit the trail head--9,405 ft
    • blood sugar = 240
    • I the chalked up the high to nerves and excitement (a "fake-high") and didn't bolus for it
  •  3:24 am
    • Two miles in I start to lose my steam and feel the familiar symptoms of a low--sweaty, light headed, fat fingers (yes, very similar to the symptoms of hiking up a mountain...)
    • blood sugar = 59
    • I take 4 gluco tabs and try to slow my pace until the symptoms subside (stopping is never an option!)
    • Fifteen minutes later I eat an energy bar--18g carbs and 23g protein (homemade, great recipe!)
  • 4:25 am
    •  Just above tree line--10,700 ft
    • blood sugar = 86
    • I eat another homemade protein bar (and start to worry that I may run out of food before this thing is over! Normally I would have cut my long term insulin in half the night before, but in all honesty, I totally forgot to do so).
  • 5:30 am
    • Start sipping on coconut water to keep my sugars up through the two miles of rock stairs
  • 6:02 am
    • 12,400 ft
    • We hit the boulder field just after sunrise
    • blood sugar = 129 (much closer to where I want it to be)
    • I snack on some trail mix and a Laura Bar while I listen to my hiking partners discuss whether or not they can go on
  • 7:00 am
    • 13,000 ft
    • I convince the others to at least make it to the keyhole before we turn back (this is what came out of my mouth after a lot of tongue biting and patience--I felt better than I have the last three times and was more than ready to make it to the summit)
  • 8:36 am
    • 11,300 ft
    •  Back down by the Chasm Lake turn off
    • blood sugar = 170 (probably that high from the rage I was feeling at having to get out of bed at midnight just to go on a little stroll)
  • 11:16 am
    • Back at the trail head
In the end, the trip took just under 7 hours and we traveled 12.9 miles. I was seriously disappointed that we didn't make it to the summit, but it was still a beautiful trip and I got some great pictures!

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