Thursday, August 9, 2012

Insulin Binge Anyone?

Shortly after waking up on Sunday, I was overcome with the realization that I was getting sick. What? Now? After a beautiful 12 mile mountain climb? I should feel like a million bucks! I should be healthy as a horse! By Monday there was no denying it. A summer cold had made its home deep in the warm tissues of my lungs. (My lungs must be weak, because they are the only part of me that ever get sick!)

I am slowly recovering thanks to coconut water, vitamins, effervescing tablets, and all kinds of tinctures and teas. But my pancreas has been slow to respond.

Sickness = High blood sugars

I'm not convinced this phenomenon is limited to just diabetics either, we just have the means to find out about it (and we probably have the power to get way higher than those normal healthy folk!).

My week has been plagued with these unpredictable highs, even now, as I am starting to feel better.

So do I a.) accept this and raise my meal-insulin dose to compensate? or do I b.) rage bolus and see what happens?

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