Friday, June 22, 2012

Can't is a Dirty Word

Things I have been told I can not or should not do by peers, doctors, liability waivers, and strangers, because I am a diabetic:

  • Get a tattoo (I have three)
  • Get a massage (get one every couple months)
  • Get a facial (have had one)
  • Get a manicure (have not had one, but only because pretty nails don't last long where I work)
  • Do a shoulder stand (my second favorite yoga move)
  • Drink alcohol (guilty as charged)
  • Walk barefoot (I would do it ALL the time if society would let me)
  • Eat dessert (I have been known to indulge)
  • Exercise (won a metal a couple weeks ago at a 5k--second fastest time in my age group)
  • Participate in extreme activities (I've climbed 3 14ers, finished a 27 mile mountain bike race, and I will be spending most of September at a surf camp in Costa Rica)
  • Get decent health insurance (ok, so far this one is proving correct)
What are some things you have been told you can't or shouldn't do, and how have you proven them wrong?

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